The object of the present general conditions of sale (hereinafter, ' General conditions ') is the discipline of buying products through telematic network from the website

The owner of the site is TATABORELLO Federica s.a.s Borello & c. (hereinafter referred to as ' TATABORELLO ') with registered office at via C. Colombo n. 14, 10129 Turin, registered in the company register of Turin REA No. 983611, VAT number/tax code no. 08567150019. Tel. 011-4371240
Fax. 011-4731118



All product purchases made through the site (hereinafter, ' purchase contracts ') by users who have access to it (hereinafter, ' the customer ') are governed by these general conditions and by the so-called ' consumer ' code (Legislative Decree No. 206/2005, section II, concerning distance contracts, arts. 50-67) and the rules governing electronic commerce (Legislative Decree 70/2003).

With the conclusion of the purchase contract the customer accepts and undertakes to observe these terms and conditions.

The customer is invited to read carefully, before making any purchase, these general terms and conditions and, once the purchase process is ended, print them or to retain them in the manner prefered.

TATABORELLO may modify, at any time and without notice, the contents of the terms and conditions.

Purchase contracts shall be subject to the terms and conditions posted on the site at the time of the sending of the order by the customer.

The products offered are in detail described in the homepage of the site, within the respective sections, broken down by categories.

The Visual representation of the products on the website, if available, is normally the photographic image of the products themselves and has the sole purpose of presenting them to the sale without warranty or commitment on the part of TATABORELLO, about the exact correspondence of the image portrayed by the real object; This, especially for the chromatic aspects of products and/or packaging.

In case of necessary difference between the image of the product published on the site and the written product description of the same, always attest the description of product.



The customer can buy the products in the electronic catalogue TATABORELLO respecting technical procedures of access to it.

The publication of images and product sheets exposed on the site constitutes an invitation to the public to formulate a proposal.

Any order submitted by the customer has proposed negotiating value and implies full knowledge and full acceptance of the present general conditions.

The correct order-customer's proposal is confirmed by TATABORELLO using an automatic reply via e-mail sent to the address supplied by the customer.

This automatic email indicates a ' serial number ' to be used in any subsequent communication with TATABORELLO and will show, in addition to the information required by law, all information communicated by the customer who undertakes to verify their correctness and to report promptly any correction-change.

The possible worsening of expenditure determined by communication errors and data editing not reported in time will be exclusively borne by the customer.

Each order can be viewed by the customer on the site, in its so-called ' personal area '.

Payments by credit card and PayPal mode will be subject to the approval of the system (see section payment methods).

TATABORELLO will issue the invoice for the order and will forward it by email to the customer.

For the manage of the invoice will be used the data provided by the customer when ordering.

No variation of the data will be possible after the issuance of the invoice.

TATABORELLO will issue the invoice at the time of shipment of the product that is the subject of the order.

The purchase agreement between  TATABORELLO and the customer shall be considered concluded with the receipt of payment by Tataborello.

In case of payment by wire transfert this must be submitted to TATABORELLO within and no later than 7 days under penalty of cancellation of the order.



The price of the products included in the online catalog published on the site is intended to be inclusive of VAT, but not customs duties (when applicable) and shipping costs. These latest charges are indicated when viewing the summary of your order and before the final purchase and vary depending on the selected service and destination. Any customs duties and taxes for sales abroad are responsibility of the sole customer.